Nail oil


Nail Oil


Show some love to your nails and cuticles by using our nail oil . enriched with oil blend contains jojoba , castor , lemon , lavender oil that works on both nourishing the cuticle & strengthen the nail.


Made from blend of natural oils that stimulates circulation hence stimulates nail growth to make your nails strong and long.It give your cuticle and nail a shiny healthy look in addition it helps your damaged cuticles to heal fast. 

How to Use

Apply to your cuticle & nails once – twice daily (preferably before bed time) to enjoy healthier & stronger nails. also use before pedicure to get the best result.

Key Ingredients


Jojoba Oil

Rich in vitamin A and B helps to repair damaged collagen inside Nail beds hence improving strength and promoting healthy Nail growth.


Castor Oil

it contains ricinoleic acid that is rich in vitamin E essential for healthy Nail Beds and boosts Healthy Nail Growth.


Lemon oil

super moisturizing for the nail adding shine and brightness to your nails.

Donna Natural

Top 10 reasons to use Nail oil

  1. Make your Nail longer
  2. Make your Nail stronger
  3. Nourish your cuticle
  4. Add shine to your nail
  5. It smells amazing
  6. Helps your manicure last longer
  7. Prevent skin and nail infection
  8. Protect your nail from environment
  9. Make your pedicure easier
  10. You can pray with it.

What clients say?

how nail oil transformed their.

"Thank you for the Nail oil it's super amazing it makes my nail stronger and longer in less than a month"
Aya Ahmed
"It became part of my night routine, it smells so relaxing as well, making my cuticle very healthy "
Nouran Tarek
"My foot nail was so fragile after using the nail oil it became stronger I was able to enjoy my summer slippers"
Yasmine Elkhateeb
Small business owner

Frequently Asked Questions

is the product natural?

Yes the nail oil is made from 100% natural oil blend.

How many times should I apply it?

one or twice per day preferably before bed time.

can I make wuduu and pray while using it?

yes it’s oil so it will not prevent wuduu water.

how much time shall I wait till the oil is absorbed?

it takes 3 minutes to get absorbed by the nail and cuticles.

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