If you are searching for multitasker product that can can do it all , this one is for you!

Reasons Why:Cheek & Lip Tints is a Must Have , long lasting cheek tint

15 Reasons Why:Cheek & Lip Tints is a Must Have!

Whether you are makeup addicted or you love natural glow. This multitasking product is a life saver for all of us. you can use it alone on your cheek, lips and even eyelids for monochromatic glow or you can mix it with your makeup for super long lasting blush , lip stain, contouring and eye shadow effect ! yes as you read it , those little multi-taskers can do all of this !

lets dig deeper on why every girl should have those little multi taskers:

15 Reasons Why: Donna cheek and lip tint is a Must Have !

1-Long Lasting Power :

It’s Known as lip and cheek stain thanks to its super long lasting power that can extend to more than 18 hour.

It wont fade out until you wash it off. just apply it and rock your day all along with super natural glow.

2-Make you get your perfect lip nude shade:

As weird as it may seem , this trick will saves you tones of money and effort searching for the perfect lipstick nude shade. Just apply scarlet tint in the centre of your lips , then tap with your favorite foundation etvoile, you got your perfect nude lipstick shade

3- Use alone as long lasting contour:

what about a long last contour effect that lasts for so long. Apply your bronze shade tint on your nose & hollow of your cheekbones. and enjoy long lasting contoured on fleek look

4-Use alone as long lasting eyeshadow:

Want to know how to get monochromatic summer glow in easy simple way?

secret revealed: apply the peach shade tint on the top of your cheeks , lips ,nose and eyelids and enjoy your perfect summer peachy glow you will ever have!

5-Use alone for lasting blush effect

If you got annoyed that the normal blush wont stay for couple on hours , we got your back with those little multitaskers .Just roll your scarlet or burgundy shade tint on your bare face and enjoy irresistible natural super stay glow .

6-Use alone for long lasting lip stain effect

just roll it on your lips and enjoy a super stay stain that wont fade away by eating nor drink .

7- Lifesaver when need very quick look booster

Yes as you read it!  It is a lifesaver in pale days, busy days and even every day. It is only one you can relay on to gives you long lasting glow all day . Just roll on & GO!

8-Buildable color:

You can adjust the color intensity you want . the more you add the more intense color you will get.

9-Use it anytime anywhere

Its designed to be Portable & tiny so you can take it in your pocket wherever you go .

10-Moisturizing babe:

What about a makeup product that take care of your skin at the same time . sounds amazing right !

Thanks to its formula is Enriched with vitamins and extracts that sooth your skin and hydrate your face all a long.

11-Matte finish:

For those how are matte finish lover , those liquid tint are the bravest it giving you super natural matte finish glow

12-Kiss & Smudge proof

And yes of course they will not fade away by any mean of kiss , smudge, sweating, eating nor drinking. simply if you want to take it off , you have to wash your face well.

13-Mask friendly

Yes , not like normal lipsticks and blushers those little multi tasker wont ruined your look when wearing your mask

14-Cruelty free:

Those cheek and lip tint are not tested on animals

15-Multitasker all the way:

And after all , we would love to give those little hero the multitasking medal for all the things they can do!