Tips & tricks on using natural dry shampoo like professionals!

Natural dry shampoo powder clean hair, scent ahir, style hair add hair volume. no water needed

Natural dry shampoo become a life saver in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Who can imagine that with those magic dust drys shampoo powder you can do all the essential haircare steps. From cleaning , scenting, styling to adding hair volume in less than a minute at the comfort of your sofa or car with no water needed . just you and the powder!

Let’s start first by what is natural dry shampoo & how it work?

All right , Natural dry shampoo is a natural powder blend of clays and essential oils that works together to absorb excess oils and dirts from your scalp . It leaves your hair it super clean, fresh with irresistible scent and boosted lovely volume.

As simple as it may sound that this powder can do magic to your hair from cleaning to styling . Lets learn how to use dry shampoo in simple steps:

Here is the basic dry shampooing steps:

Step 1: Section you hair

Firstly, Separate your hair into sections . whether by your finger or the bottom of your comb. separate your hair to medium size sections so you can make sure that the magic powder reach every part of your scalp and absorbs every bit of excess oils and dirts.

Step 2: Sprinkle to Scalp

open the cap & sprinkle the powder directly into your scal

Step 3:Massage

massage for half a minute

step 4: Style & Go!

fluff off excess powder & style your hair as usual and enjoy a fresh , clean and boosted hair

PS: you will never notice any white residue on your roots after fluffing the powder off.

Her’s some pro tips & tricks we would love to share them with you:

1- keep the magic dust bottle in your pocket:

Donna Dry shampoo bottle is designed with small design to fit in your pocket so you can take it with you all day every day at work , gym, outing , while traveling or even beside your bed for extra sleeping hours in lazy days

2- Use Donna dry shampoo powder as preventative powder:

Don’t just wait for your hair to get oily and greasy to use dry shampoo. you can apply it on clean dry hair to prevent your scalp from getting oily and your hair from getting greasy. you can use it before workout or before going out in hot days

3-Use it as hair perfume in bad hair days:

Donna dry shampoo powder has strong lavender essential oil that removes any unpleasant odor & gives your hair an amazing scent

4- Use it to get volume:

Donna dry shampoo gives your hair a boosted volume .use it on your roots while styling to some lifted roots and curls/.

5-use it at night:

you will get most of it when you use it at night not only your scalp will absorb it effectively and wake up with super fresh look, but also its lavender essential oil will make you have a better quality sleep

And yes we see you asking :Can i use dry shampoo every day?

YES , you can use it everyday up to 4 days in a row then wash your hair with gentle sulphate free shampoo to get the healthiest and strongest version of your hair