Sulfate free shampoo |SLS Free| Paraben Free| Silicon Free


Donna sulpahte-free shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients to make you feel your natural beauty & uniqueness. It is sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon-free, and cruelty-free. Designed specifically to fit all hair types and to deep clean, hydrate, and boost define your curls. By using our sulfate-free shampoo you not only save your hair from the damage of excess heat and protein treatments but also you save you environment too as it is made with plant-derived sulfate-free ingredients.


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Dreaming of sulfate-free shampoo that leaves your hair feeling both moisturized, and super clean & without frizziness as well? we got your back with Donna smooth and control sulfate free shampoo that solve this hard equation . It took us a years to come up with a formula that can do it all from super cleaning to super leathering . From moisturizing to controlling frizzes , hair volume and adding a lovely Hair scent to your.our sulfate free shampoo.

Whether you have Straight hair, wavy hair ,curly hair ,coiled hair ,short hair , long hair ,colored hair ,protein treated hair sensitive irritated scalp/ skin ,frizzy hair ,uncontrolled hair ,dry damaged hair.our smooth & control sulphate free shampoo is the best hair choice you can ever take to experience self-love, acceptance & confidence & uniqueness through this superb product . our sulfate free shampoo will define your curls , lock in moisture, remove any frizz giving you a unique defined curls moisture that reflects your true self and personality.

say goodbye to spending much money on lot of shampoos types to fit every member in your family. our sulfate free shampoo is designed to fit kids , women , men and all ages. not only that but it also fits most of l hair types, normal hair, dry hair ,damaged hair , frizzy hair and split end hair. share this bottle with your family and makes everyone enjoy healthy shinier hair that reflects his true personality. our natural sulfate free shampoo is designed to gives you the blowout salon effect experience without make the use of heat that damage our hair. it make you have healthier hair, shiner hair and more defined curls the formula is designed to be gentle and nourishing . it reduces scalp irritation, gentle on skin and eyes. it also retain our hair color and make any hair treatment last longer.

On wet hands , apply a small amount of Donna sulfate free shampoo, leather in both hands well.

massage your scalp with your hands starting at the nape of your neck, and work the lather through the ends. Rinse thoroughly.

Aqua, Coco glucoside , Sarcosinate , Glycerin , Guar gum , Vitamin B5, Aloevera , Jojoba oil

1- what is the Benefits of Donna sulfate free shampoo?

  1. moisturize curl
  2. -lock in moisture
  3. define curls
  4. sulfate free
  5. silicon free
  6. paraben free
  7. cruelty free
  8. reduce frizz
  9. -educe scalp irritation
  10. clean very well
  11. -retain hair color
  12. gentle on hair & scalp
  13. gentle on eye & skin
  14. environmentally friendly made with plant derived sulfate free ingredient


2-what which hair type?

This shampoo is designed to fit all hair types


3-How to keep my hair healthy & how many time to use per week?

  • Wash your hair with water and donna sulpahte free shampoo twice per week
  • Use Donna dry shampoo in between washes to hair clean, fresh & fluffy hair all day everyday


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